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There are now four books in the Miss Behave series. They are now available via Camille's Etsy shop - please click here

In Miss Behave and the Secret Agents three suspicious witches send spies to discover why she is so different from the other witches. Will Bart and Blade save the day or will she be banned from the world of magic forever?

In Miss Behave and the Sacred Cats of Ancient Egypt Miss Behave, Bart and Blade travel to Egypt for the annual witches' conference, but once again Miss Spell, Miss Fortune and Miss Take plot against Miss Behave to try and get her in trouble with the other witches. Miss Behave, Bart and Blade end up at an ancient Egyptian burial ground, the start of a magical adventure...

In Miss Behave and the Treasure of Skull Island a relaxing holiday on the beach turns into a treasure hunt like no other. Once again Bart and Blade will have to be at their extraordinary best to outwit Miss Take and the other witches.

In Miss Behave and the League of the Crystal Ball the treacherous witches are at it again. This time they've got their eye on the World Cup, and they planning on winning it the only way they know how; using underhand tactics. This time Miss Behave, Bart and Blade need to team up with some powerful forces to stop them and save the cup.

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All of the Miss Behave books are available in the shop

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