Miss Behave

Don't worry. Miss Behave knows you want to have fun. If you are struggling with anything ask your parents to read this section with you. It'll tell you what you need to download and print the dolls and clothes. If you still need help, why not ask Miss Behave herself?

The dolls are clothes are in PDF files. You will need Abode Reader to open the files. Ask your parents to install it for you. They can download it here.

Once you have Adobe Reader, just click on the dolls or clothes you want. They will probably open directly in Adobe Reader. You can print from Adobe Reader, but make sure everything you print is on a A4 page, otherwise the clothes won't fit! At the top left, there is also a button which says "Save a Copy". if you do this, you'll save the clothes on your computer and then you can print them later.

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