Miss Behave
The Magic String

Blade has a classic trick to teach you. Follow his instructions and you'll learn to cut a piece of string in two - and then turn it back into one piece with no sign of any join. You will need:
  • A piece of string about one metre long
  • A smaller piece of string about 15cm long
  • Sticky tape
  • Scissors

Blade says: before you start your trick you must take the small piece of string and join the ends together using sticky tape to make a loop. Thread the long piece of string through this loop and put the whole thing into your pocket.
  1. Reach into your pocket and take out the strings, make sure that your cover the sticky tape with your fingers. Hold it in a way that the audience thinks you are holding one long piece of string.
  2. Still holding your string like this, take the scissors and cut through the loop.
  3. When you cut the loop it will look like you have cut the string into two pieces.
  4. Now keep trimming the ends - tell your audience that you need to make your string shorter.
  5. Keep trimming until you have actually cut off the secret loop.
  6. Put your scissors down and wave your wand over the string which you supposedly cut in half.
  7. Bring both hands together to show that the rope is magically in one piece.
Now you can bow and take your applause.

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