Miss Behave
Water Magic

Here is a very quick and easy trick to learn. Blade wants to show you how to turn water into juice. You will need:
  • A plastic jug (not clear)
  • Two small glasses or plastic cups
  • Water
  • Juice or your favourite colddrink
  • Sponges or dish cloths

Before you start your trick you must:

  1. Take one of your glasses and fill it with juice or colddrink.
  2. Place this glass into your jug near the spout of the jug.
  3. Now take the sponges or dishcloth and squash them into the jug behind the glass of juice.
Now you are ready to Wow your audience.
  1. Tell your audience that being a magician is hard work and you're feeling thirsty.
  2. Take a glass of water and pretend that you are going to drink it.
  3. Then tell your audience that on second thoughts you don't feel like water, you feel like juice.
  4. Pour the glass of water into the jug (make sure no one can see inside the jug).
  5. Wave your magic wand over the jug and say your magic words.
  6. Now pick up the jug (make sure the opening is facing away from your audience) and pour the juice into the glass.
Your audience will have to sit back and admire your skills!

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